2 thoughts on “Infinity Squad and the Toxic Galaxy

  1. bob clark

    Hi Ian,
    Is that Pip sitting in the chair? Why is he waiting for his space craft? Is he preparing a journey? Maybe each story should have a prologue: “Pip the Alien” is waiting for his space ship so he can trave to a faraway planet”
    Keep up the good work!
    Love, Grandad

  2. Ian

    Dear Grangpa Bob,

    The person in the chair is the evil TOXIC RAIDER he uses toxic waste to enslave galaxys and make an army of mutant freaks.
    TR (TOXIC RAIDER) is waiting for his ship so he can mutantize the Incect Galaxy.

    P.s the snake guy is RATTLZ he is a mutant snake from when the TR took over the Reptile Galaxy a long time ago. RATTLZ is TR’s henchman.

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